Vancouver B.C. Welding

Vancouver BC Welding Contractor

Looking for a Vancouver BC Welding Contractor? We are a contracting company based out of North Vancouver, and are willing to take on any job. Acquiring a welding contract in Vancouver will make it exceptionally easy for us to get our quotes finished and the job completed, as all of our resources are stationed in the city.

We will take on jobs as large as industrial work at local mills and plants, as small as fixing your fence and everything in between. Our workers are specialized in many different types of welding and metalwork, and can handle a plethora of work environments. Our welders are all experienced CWB and/or PWP certified, can legally work on any job and will complete it safely and efficiently. All of our fabricators will all be very experienced in their field of work as well, leaving every customer at ease when the job is started, and satisfied upon completion. We take pride in our work, and ensure the safety of all of our workers through our safe work procedures used on each job. We have TIG, mig, fcaw and stick welders, as well as fabricators that will be on site to complete any task assigned, from construction, erection, fabrication, repair and install and anything else that may arise.